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4 years ago

Can’t believe I ran out of hooks at the end.

I set a deadline for myself to have Rishi done and posted by the time 6.0 hit, so here we are, the day before the xpac. Definitely some areas I feel like I should keep tweaking but its been months and I’ve got to take a break. Thank you sincerely to all the other decorators who take the time to post their strongholds. I regularly look to others for inspiration and I’m excited to see what people come up with once the Mek-Sha/Onderon stuff is released. See you in Onslaught, happy hunting and all that.

m s
m s
4 years ago

I like it. Some of the rooms have a deus ex, cyberpunky vibe to them. pics 3, 6, 7 and 9 look great. I’m mad for rooms with synchronicity on either side so i like it. (OCD lol). I’ve been meaning to post mine for years, will aim to put them up. Currently doing Yavin, which has few hooks so I’m feeling that pain…