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  • Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse: Rhaiena's Apartment Part 2 on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Hayley Dorne
  • Publicly Listed: Empire
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    Part 2:

    The backroom of the fleet stronghold is difficult in both the Republic and Empire version. For the Republic fleet stronghold I built a massive octagonal library, for the Imperial fleet stronghold I subdivided the room in three with a hallway in the middle.

    The room to the right is Rhaiena's personal office, repeating the recurring yellow sconces with profane murals. Again it was very difficult to place the rugs precisely to give the illusion of the rooms being completely carpeted, but in the end I prevailed.

    Room to the left is the conference and planning room and the final room at the back is a dining room. A feature here is the vase in the middle of the table. It's two Dark Council tables placed side by side and the vase serves as a gap filler to make the table look whole, rather than two tables joined.

    In this final post I have included a map of the entire stronghold with the subdivisions.