Rhaiena's Apartment Part 1 – Satele Shan



  • Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse: Rhaiena's Apartment Part 1 on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Hayley Dorne
  • Publicly Listed: Empire
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    Part 1:

    I went all out to make this build to make it liveable and homely, an apartment befitting a member of the Dark Council. Starting in the reception area, I did an Imperial themed version of the same reception area I built for the Republic Fleet stronghold build.

    The first room to the right from the entrance is the library and lounge. I went for a smaller library build this time, don't think I'm going to top the octagonal library I build for the Republic Fleet stronghold, but it's still very cosy and symmetrical, just the way I like it. Here I've featured a mini-build of yellow sconces, profane murals and statues of the noble beast mirrored. It also took me forever to get this room right. It's the only room that has a floating floor hook and the rugs never quite fit. It took a lot of tinkering to get it right and make a cross shape with the aisle runners and fill the gaps with senator rugs.

    The room to the right is the bedroom and adjacent en suite. I don't think I've ever built a more homely room. Great place to wait for a group finder pop. Lovely lounge next to the fireplace overlooking the rest of the fleet and an extravagant bed and bedframe. With very precise placements of walls I built an en suite with stone tile flooring, sink and bath/shower. Definitely one sided glass, thank god. I had to check from fleet. Phew.

    Because this build is so detailed, I have separated this into two parts.