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  1. Kyne
    23 October 2014 @ 1348

    And they said Imperial Intelligence is dead… 😛 Well done!


    • Ryl'ka
      26 October 2014 @ 2339

      Thanks. 🙂

      I’ve had a lot of fun converting the entire bottom floor into an Imperial Intelligence themed operations center. (Upstairs will be for R’aia’s private apartments.)

      I had one other room designed as a combination conference room and auxiliary operations/support center, but I forgot to post it. /doh!

      Lots of wonderful rooms in this contest. I’m going to be sifting through them all for ideas for a long time.

      Good luck everyone!

      EDIT: I’m also looking forward to incorporating some of the new bits from the coming Architects pack into this operations center. 🙂


      • Kyne
        28 October 2014 @ 1444

        It’s always nice to see a bit of story/thought behind the decorations. 🙂

        Yeah, I think the contest was a great idea, and I love that it was per room. I think the site is really helpful in finding well-furnished/decorated homes, much better than the public listings and their prestige/completion points systems.

        And yeah, I’m pretty sure the Architect’s pack is going to be a success with the deco-crowd. 😛


  2. noreply
    21 March 2015 @ 2123

    You have to change the basic metal chairs into imperial chairs!


  3. pwnznoobs
    6 November 2015 @ 1424

    where are the other rooms?


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