Praelias’ Lair of Shadows – The Ebon Hawk

  • Kaas City Apartment: Praelias’ Lair of Shadows on The Ebon Hawk
  • Submitted by: Praelias
  • Publicly Listed: Empire
    • Here is my Drommund Kass Stronghold I spent a while on. As you can see it has a traditional empire lobby. Going into the Hallway you can enter the Cantina that is split into social classes: on the right is the everyday people/soldiers and on the left is the higher end section where you’ll probably find most wealthy and Sith citizens. Feel free to stop at the Medical Bay right next door if you need to nurse some wounds from any drunken fights. You’ll also find medical research in this room. At the end of the first floor hallway you will come to the barracks and armory. Also, my minions keep my personal scout fueled and ready to go at a moments notice. Going up either stairs will give you an option to go out on my balcony where Mandalore looks down on all, this is a great place to hang out and enjoy the rain as there are plenty of awnings to sit under. If the outdoors isn’t your thing you can instead go into my audience chamber where I rule with an iron fist. From the audience chamber you can enter into my private living room and enjoy a cozy fire as you sit around. If you are an agent toon you can go into the right bedroom which has been customized for you with a cozy bed and plenty of computers and weapons. The middle bedroom is designed for all the blood thirsty Sith out there. The final room is my favorite but that might be because i’m a Bounty Hunter for Life. In this room are trophies, weapons and anything else a bounty hunter would want. Also there is a terminal connected to the Mandalorian Enclave and gets regular updates with new bounties. That’s my Stronghold I hope you like. Feel free to stop and visit or role-play. I don’t care as long as you enjoy my stronghold.