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Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

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Hey race and sports fans! Looking for a place to relax and place your bets all at the same time? Want to be as close to the action without actually being in the action? Don’t want to worry about “losing” your wallet? Well look no further! Overparanoid’s Race and Sports Book is just the place for you. Plenty of spacious seating, as well as live screens with second by second action so you never miss a beat. Plus top of the line security provided by the Hutt Cartel. Friendly staff are waiting to serve you seat side, or at one of our cozy side bars. Plenty of betting action for all your gambling needs. Don’t delay, stop by today!

Disclaimer: Overparanoid or the Hutt Cartel not responsible for any injuries, losses, or damage to personal property. Overparanoid’s Resort and Casino is not responsible for nor associated with any shady characters you may contact with during your stay. Any money lost becomes property of Overparanoid’s Resort and Casino in accordance with local Hutt Cartel policies. Please gamble irresponsibly.