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Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

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Are you tired of same old beat up scene on Nar Shaddaa? Do you want to try something new? Well folks here it is. Welcome to Overparanoid’s Nar Shaddaa Resort and Casino. As you can see, we have a beautiful gaming floor. But wait that’s not all. We also have a full line sports book so you can catch all the Huttball action on our giant screens, as well as get up to the second information on the arena conditions and player splatter. For those not so sports fans, we also have gaming tables for a more social aspect. Don’t like gaming at all, we got you covered there as well. We have a large spacious lounge with servers ready to get you anything you need. We also have our full service Falcon rooms where you can relax privately with one of our friendly and trained staff, stop by and ask an attendant for details (Must pay prior to use). Valet parking available for your speeder out front. And as always, credit machines are available on the casino floor.

Disclaimer: Overparanoid or thr Hutt Cartel not responsible for any injuries, losses, or damage to personal property. Overparanoid’s Resort and Casino is not responsible for nor associated with any shady characters you may contact with during your stay. Any money lost becomes property of Overparanoid’s Resort and Casino in accordance with local Hutt Cartel policies. Please gamble irresponsibly.