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Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

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Omatao’s Galactic Stronghold is a mobile Sky Fortress that travels the vast cityscapes of Nar Shaddaa. It was built the serve the needs of a clan of Mandalorian warriors and serves both as a base of operations and a restful retreat.

As you approach the landing platform of, guests are greeted with pleasant tropical greens, lush fountains, and emergency medical stations (1). A marketplace allows the storage and trade of goods as well as a communal relaxation area. The Foyer (2) is the entryway to the fortress and contains a great Hutt bounty in carbonite, surrounded by exotic ferns and flowers from tropical planets across the Outer Rim. It also features a traditional reflecting pool for guests to wash their hands before entering the compound.

First on the right is the armory (3), filed to the brim with metals, fluxes, weapons, and armor. It is manned by a team of Jawas and droids who, while having a reliable stock, are quick to scam you for a few extra pieces of junk. Everything you need to create and repair your armor and weapons can be found here.
Second is the barracks (4), a multi-bedded room with storage lockers and entertainment facilities for the Mandalorians and travelers that happen through while doing business on Nar Shaddaa. While it provides only basic comforts such as a holotube and a communal clan-centered environment, it serves the needs of sleepy warriors (5) after hard months on the job.

Back on the left the first room is the Fortress Library (6), a technological marvel and quiet respite for study of history, espionage, and battle tactics.

Next on the left is the Officer Barracks (7), which offers more luxurious accommodations for high ranking warriors and honored guests…and sleepy warriors (8). It is also arranged in a communal clan-centered fashion.

The Great Room provides a formal dining table (9), relaxation fountains, plush leather chairs, and a shrine (10) to the Mandalorian destroyer god Kad Ha’rangir, the enemy of sloth. Fiery urns roast exotic fungi that sill the air with pungent incense throughout the room.

Grand Staircases (11) connect the Great room to the facilities below. They are hung the multitude of bounties collected by the clan. The staircases exit to the Cantina, a busy joint with a well-stocked bar, game tables, slots, and the occasional drunk patron making a fool of himself (12). Outside on the Balcony (13), multiple private tables set amongst lush greens provide exclusive views of the Nar Shaddaa skyline. It is framed by monolithic statues (14) of ancient warriors set to a backdrop of continuous fireworks. The festive environment is completed by the finest exotic dancers on the planet.
Downstairs past the security gate is the War Room (15), the defensive hard of the Fortress with operational planning facilities, training areas, and Starfighter launch bays.

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