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Welcome to the Business Headquarters of Nar Shaddaa Kingpins.

Nar Shaddaa Kingpins is a 110% casual guild for mature and experienced players. No mandatory participation – guild is only for bonusses, hanging out, having fun and helping each other out when convenient – we accept all classes. The Kingley provides the pad – events are left up to members.

We are loyal sons and daughters of Nar Shaddaa – men and women of honor. We believe in the intiative of the individual, free enterprise and the right to bear blasters. Republic media has erronerously accused Nar Shaddaa Kingpins of being criminals and grey-siders – how wrong and how unjustified! We merely believe in the individual’s fundamental right and ability to make their own decisions and conduct their business without interference from the corrupt, self-serving and incompetent Republic senate. There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn a few honest space bucks. That Nar Shaddaa Kingpins may have a taste for booze, blasters and hot-rodded spaceships, is just the conincidental expression of an excentric personal preference – not proof that we are some sort of galaxywide criminal syndicate of blockaderunners (especially since most of our revenue comes from burst-trading on the GTN – the gun-smuggling and bootlegging is entirely recreational). We are simply none-judgemental free-enterprisers that trade with everybody, bringing in those space bucks – any side of the Alderaanian conflict, Voss or Gormak, the Hutt Cartels, Sith or Revanite, Republic or Empire. You have a need, we supply the goods – no questions asked. No one should be judged until they have done actual wrong. And we’re not law people – merely humble merchants trying to eke out a living.

Nar Shaddaa Kingpins is a themed guild – though all looks are accepted. However, the more flamboyant and the more you look like a 70’ies rockstar – the more goodwill you will earn. Cool shades are available from the guild bank. Crafting areas have been decorated on landing pad for ease of access – and main gambling floor for atmosphere. Role-players are very welcome too – Throne Room, Conference Room, Trophy Room and Balcony in particular, have been decorated with precisely role-playing in mind. Trading, booze and gambling available in all rooms.

We’re currently accepting members – send a mail to Kingley or whisper when online.

TCSB = Taking Care of Space Business. B-/

Burst trading room - our quants tending to the hypercomputer making those yoctosecond trades
Burst trading room - keeping the staff happy (nothing like a few space bucks to keep the quants' minds off doing real science)
Main trading room - also known as the Green Room where space bucks are made
Main trading room - booze, space bucks and trading
Staircase - path to opportunity


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