Nanath’s Jedi-Academy – Jar’Kai Sword


Coruscant Skyrise Apartment

Submitted by: Nanath Nuru’varna – Jar’Kai Sword

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This is a short introduction to Coruscant’s latest Jedi-Academy. For those Padawans whose Jedi-Masters are on duty at the Republic Senate on Coruscant, but still don’t want to miss out on a bit of Tython’s Jedi Temple feeling. Since Coruscant is the center of the galactic republic and always in touch with the newest trends around, even the Jedi training here is influenced by far more liberal tendencies than it could ever be on Tython. Therefore, this Academy combines both, light and dark side influences to teach it’s Padawans an all-embracing knowledge about the Force to maintain the balance and produce the best educated Jedi Knights and Consulars of the Galaxy.
Of course the Academy is work in progress since every once in a while more amazing artifacts are gathered on missions throughout the galaxy and added to the Academy for teaching reasons! Enjoy!