Masiri’s Shadowport Part 2 – Satele Shan

    • Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace: Masiri’s Shadowport Part 2 on Satele Shan
    • Submitted by: Brenna
    • Publicly Listed: Not Listed

File: Top Secret

Person of Interest: Masiri Novar
Race: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
The Shadow Legion: Captain and Contracted Smuggler

Military Experience:
• Imperial Navy
• Corellian Navy

• 8th generation smuggler
• Parents own their own shadowport, location currently unknown
• Thrown out of Imperial Navy after going against orders to kill civilians, spent several days under siege, helping citizens escape and relocate to refuge. Earned first class bloodstripes from Corellian Navy before being forced out by Imperial Navy.
• Worked for SIS afterward until became freelance worker, still is contracted by SIS from time to time

File: Place of Importance, Secure Area, Fallback Base, Emergency Relocation, Break spot.

Use: Shadow Legion, Friends of Masiri Novar

Location: Unknown Regions, carved into the middle of an asteroid. Must use EXACT autopilot coordinates given by Novar herself. This cannot be stressed enough. The slightest change can send your aircraft into a death spiral and explode against rock. She somehow engineered a spiral in the asteroid, the middle being the port itself. Ship drops from hyperspace and immediately begins descent into spin. Ensure all cargo and passengers are strapped in before exiting lightspeed. Until hitting a specific altitude and angle on the asteroid, the port itself is not visible. Ship will be then stabilized by tractor beam and directed accordingly.

Defenses: A lot. Entrance contains various sized turrets.


Entrance Level
• Deck – used for import and export of goods being transported by ships. Destroyer droid to ensure all visitors are allowed

Second Level
• Lobby- area with accommodations to relax and check the holonet, mail, bounty board, anything of importance
• Med Bay- Three medical tanks, multiple beds, supplies, two doctors at all times
• Shooting gallery- area to practice shooting, looks like the last visitor did not know how to properly use a blaster…possibly in renovations
• Bunker- places to store personal supplies, multiple private refreshers, multiple bunks. Room soundproofed as well as individual beds have ability to soundproof sleeping area. Emergency warning systems override all soundproofing.
• Guarded by an HK unit- Captain’s room. Do not approach unless with Captain Novar and invitation.

Third Level
• Communications- any and all information database of starport, ships, readings, defenses, etc.

Fourth Level
• Large workstation- capable of fixing small parts to large machines. Has special areas for fixing large equipment, droids, weaponry, etc.

Fifth Level
• Trading room, inside bazar, merchants, etc.
• Entertainment area- holo-theatre, etc.
• Cantina #1, large room cantina. Includes bar, gambling, multiple games, large fish tank, multiple seating areas.

Outside Fifth level
• Large garden area- includes various food markets, buffet, seating, hot tub, large bar
• Ship docking, repair and service area

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