Mandalorian Hidden Chain stronghold (Eibeto’s Syndicate nerve center) – Star Forge

  • Tatooine Homestead: Mandalorian Hidden Chain stronghold (Eibeto’s Syndicate nerve center) on Star Forge
  • Submitted by: Eibeto
  • Publicly Listed: Neutral
    • I made this stronghold to capture the very nature of the Hidden Chain and their factions. Reason I chose Tatooine is because I felt the atmosphere for was right, heck, even better than Mek-Sha. The idea or story behind it is that Heta’s forces scattered and are in hiding and couldn’t meet up with her fleet. However, now that Ruhnuk is under Shae Vizla’s control, they need a new base of operations. I decided to put the Revanites into the fold because of commemoration of Deron Caderuso. For some people that don’t know or forgot about him, he was a Mandalorian Revanite commander boss fight. So the story about them is the surviving Revanites want revenge for the fall of Revan and their order. The Revanites help coordinate and supply the Hidden Chain claiming to be a renegade clan, clan Caderuso. I also added Easter eggs, such as the Selkath Isolationists dueling against the Hidden Chain forces, the exiled knight hanging out with the war profiteers. The Dar’manda recruiting mercenaries and gangsters for their ranks to grow. I don’t have anything about the Hidden Chain’s ally, the Duneclaws, so that’s why I’m using mercy as a substitute for now. I actually have a whole lot more to show and this is only a fraction of what pictures I have. So, I have an Ash’ad library, Mandalorian forge, Varad war room and in there is Tiru from Varad’s squadron, Battle Team Royal, Dar’manda staff cantina, faction camps, etc. The Ash’ad camp was attacked by a very small group of Mandalorians and have been captured by clan Ha’rangir. I also put down some decorations that are from Mandalorian heroics.