Makeb Penthouse – Darth Malgus

  • Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: Makeb Penthouse on Darth Malgus
  • Submitted by: Medolica
  • Publicly Listed: Not Listed
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      Credits to Revan's Iziz Penthouse ( et al. on Tor Decorating website for giving me inspiration to finish my stronghold.

      Makeb Penthouse
      Coruscant Skyrise Apartment
      SWTOR – Darth Malgus Server – Privately Listed

      Of all the planets I visited during my journey, Makeb is the one I feel most attached to.

      It is hard to put into words but I know that I must have it. At least, I want to preserve its unique culture and civilized architectural style of this dying planet.

      The main theme is Makeb, but I also mixed some elements from Copero and Zakuul into the penthouse because they go together very well.

      I mainly use orange lights, green plants, and red carpets in almost every room. I find that orange lights bring me a more calmer feeling than blue lights, green plants help my eyes relaxed, and the red carpets with gold trims clearly express class.

      As you will see, I designed this penthouse for a small family of three and it can be adjusted to accommodate up to twelve guests. There are dining room/kitchen, command center/garage, the main hall, a balcony with gardens, and private areas on the second floor behind the main hall.

      Located at the center of Republic capital city, you will find it convenient to travel to and from other important landmarks on Coruscant such as Galactic Market, Senate Tower, and Space Port. It is also small enough for easy maintenance and cleaning.

      Please take your time and enjoy this tour of the Makeb Penthouse.

      – Medolica