Makeb Canopy

“Located in the Makeb system on the edges of Hutt Space, in a region of the galaxy far from major hyperlanes, Makeb was an oceanic planet whose atmosphere featured enormous amounts of electromagnetic interference in its upper levels. The planet’s gravity, while below standard, possessed unique anomalies that resulted in the formation of many massive stone pillars across Makeb’s surface. The pillars, which reached high above Makeb’s cloud layer and were often large enough to contain entire cities on the plateaus and mesas that topped them, were riddled with complex cave systems. The pillars and caves were home to both Makeb’s native wildlife and numerous deposits of minerals, including the incredibly valuable isotope-5. Isotope-5 was a mineral found only on Makeb, and it was the reason behind Makeb’s unique atmospheric and gravitational conditions, as the mineral had powerful warping effects on electromagnetic and gravitational fields.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

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