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Coruscant Skyrise Apartment

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Welcome to the galaxy’s first STARFIGHTER MUSEUM!

Our museum offers visitors a complete starfighter experience, unmatched across the galaxy. Start your day by immersing yourself at our planning table where you can develop battle strategies alongside our refurbished astromech droids and power droids. They’re guaranteed to give you the same bad intel that mission planners had to use during all those years of war!

Our museum displays feature detailed scale-replicas of Scout- and Striker-class fighters, complete with tour guides in faction- and period-accurate uniforms. We even have smaller toy starfighters appropriate for kids of all ages, conveniently situated next to our collection of authentic propaganda posters. Feel like you’ve stepped back into an era of war and strife!

For a less mentally taxing experience, step over to our state-of-the-art, photo-realistic hologram projector. Presently showing: the Battle of Taris, complete with actual comm chatter from the Ebon Hawk!

Finally, what visit to the galaxy’s finest Starfighter Museum would be complete without a visit to our gift shop? Buy your very own model of a Defender-class ship, a ship made famous by the exploits of the Barsen’thor and the Hero of Tython.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the galaxy’s first STARFIGHTER MUSEUM and, as always, fly safe!