Lycinius’ Vacation retreat – The Red Eclipse


Tatooine Homestead

Submitted by: Marcus – The Red Eclipse

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Welcome to Lycinius’ vacation retreat!! Open to guests now on the desert planet of Tatooine is this luxury force users resort. It offers personal balcony quarters for the master of the house with plenty of utilities at their disposable. In addition to this, spaceport and speeder station facilities (with arrivals lounge) are available to your and your guests and just a short walk from these are the cantina and gambling establishments with many amenities for your pleasure. The VIP room is available for distinguished guests and private functions and comes equipped with its own staff. Arriving with a crew in tow? no issue, we have provided crew barracks for your use and an adjacent medical facility and communications bunker exist should the odd inevitable skirmish break out. Should you like to explore the local plenty of sightseeing opportunities can be taken advantage of but take a lightsaber, the locals can be slightly jittery.
Spend too much time on the dreariness of the Republic and Imperial fleets? Need to unwind after a hard day cracking knuckles at the Sith academy or listening to whiny kids at the Jedi Temple? This could be the well earned break YOU deserve. Book now!

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(Hope you enjoy, it’s not quite finished yet)