Killiks, who referred to themselves as the Kind,[1] were a sentient insectoid species native to Alderaan. They built large mound-like structures on the plains of both Alderaan and Alsakan. Long before most other species came to these worlds, the Killiks vanished. Their disappearance from Alderaan was depicted in Ob Khaddor‘s moss painting Killik Twilight. As a species, Killiks varied greatly in size, form and function though all shared a similar genetic code. Killiks were a genetically diverse population of intelligent insects with their society being composed of hives that were known as nests. Each nest had its members sharing the same physical characteristics. In addition, they possessed the ability to communicate through each other through a variety of means that included pheromones, electromagnetic transmissions and also long distance telepathy.[2] This pheremonal telepathic connection allowed Killiks to communicate with one another.[3] This aura-based form of communication made use of multiple methods that included heat, electrical, magnetic and probably chemical. Killik pheromones had an added impact on other species as they were able to alter the basic structure of the corpus callosum. These changes allowed Joiners to receive signal impulses directly from the brains of Killiks. The transfer agent was believed to be made through auras.[1] The Killiks were social insects and came in several different types—membrosia givers, warriors, attendants, and the deadly assassin bugs. Some Killiks were as large as starships whilst others such as fingerlings were as small as mites.[4] Force-sensitivity was found in some types of Killiks.[3] Though the species as a whole was not Force-sensitive, certain types of Killik could be bred to use the Force in simple ways.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Killik Eggs 2

Killik Eggs