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  • Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: Keevala's Stronghold (3/3) on Darth Malgus
  • Submitted by: Naeli Sizara
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    Hello to the final part of the Coruscant Stronghold showcase. I do hope, I did not bore you too much and that you have somewhat enjoyed the content so far. Without further delay, lets hop onto the last series of pictures.

    Thumbnail was a problem, I did sneak peaks of next parts in the previous ones… But this one is the last, so… I closed the loop with a reference to part one.

    First on the table is the party room of the Stronghold. I have to admit, my third most favorite place in the whole build, right after the balcony and the dining room. Its equipped with a small casino table at the raise as well as numerous tables and couches along the walls. The center is kept mostly free for any dancers who might feel the music from one of the jukeboxes. The attendants are waiting to offer drinks and snacks to those who missed the server at the entrance. I enjoy how the lamps create a warmer vibe with their yellow light, a small contrast from the rest of the stronghold, which is kept with bluish lamps. Makes the whole room feel more cozy and nice in my opinion. Once again one might notice the potted plants stick to the style regime of the entire mansion.

    Next we enter into the private part of the house, the living room of the Jedi and her Padawan as well as branching from it the two bedrooms and a small personal study. Firstly the living room, with a few cupboards for daily items and trinkets as well as a small reading area. Once more one can find a dejarik table ready to host a game. On the other side a small fireplace to add to the relaxed feel of the room. Between the two bedrooms is the small study, where the Padawan can perform research into the arts of the Force as well as have the opportunity to use a lightsaber forge to repair and mend his weapon. The central table comes with a small holodisplay, serving as an additional study aid. The left room is occupied by the Padawan, hosting a luxurious bed as well as space for his personal things. A small table for a private meeting as well as a secluded worktable. Mirroring this, the right bedroom is kept to a similar fashion, with a luxurious bed and some private space, when one really needs to be alone.

    And that is it. I hope you enjoyed the set. If anyone wishes, the Stronghold is listed publicly on Darth Malgus under the name here. Just please be aware, that RP might happen inside, so be considerate.