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  • Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: Keevala's Stronghold (2/3) on Darth Malgus
  • Submitted by: Naeli Sizara
  • Publicly Listed: Republic
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    Hello to the second part of what I believe will be a three part showcase. As promised in the previous thumbnail sneak peak, this one will focus on the main dining room as well as the wonderful outside balcony garden. The later was the main credits sink, as the trees used in its decoration are extremely hard to get, at least on this server. What started as a simple task soon turned out to be quite the challenge. When prices skyrocketed from 15k to 2M a piece, it did put a dent in my resolve to finish the whole project in the way I initially intended. Thankfully I have managed and am pleased to present it to you now.

    Starting of as previously, thumbnail is a little tease of what is to come in the final part of the showcase.

    The first series of six pictures show the main dining room of the estate, where all the important diplomatic meetings take place. I have combined three tables to form a one long arrangement with a set of chairs surrounding it. I really enjoy the subtle touch of both head chairs being more ornamental, reserved for the host and the honored guest. The room is filled with a varied array of artifacts, starting with the display of Jedi holocrons lined against the wall with the twin stone markings depicting the two paths of the Order. Along one wall one can find the relics of the Voss, their unique force teachings having caught the attention of Keevala. The other side is occupied by a few reclaimed Korriban relics, twin statues of the Slaves seem to guard the burial urn. Lastly the center is reserved for Rakattan pottery, serving as a reminder, that the Force is more than what the Order teaches. The whole room is lined with elegant light sources, giving it a gentle, smooth atmosphere, only enhanced by the potted greenery.

    The second set of photos shows the main culprit of the prolonged decoration process. I immediately fell in love with the Autumn Trees in the sunset light of Coruscant Stronghold, as it really pulls out the reds in the leaves. Those observant enough might even notice, that every plant present in the entire build uses the same pot model, that the trees do. I like to keep to such details, as they really help make the entire place feel more as a one location, rather than a bunch of rooms slapped together quickly. But with that explanation out of the way, I tried to make the garden feel like a place for meditation and relaxation. I used the Makeb Canopies to create little spots of shadow above two tables. One is set up for a friendly dejarik game, with a clock to help track the time. The other is a simple coffee table, in case one would like to enjoy an afternoon tee with a friend, or perhaps read a book outside. Up on the raise is a small fountain, the shimmer of water blocking some of the sounds of the cityplanet. Flanked on each side with two benches and accompanied by a reproduction of an ancient jedi tablet in full display. The entrances to the garden are flanked by replicas of Tython statues, as a reminder of where the host came from. Two Force Meditation pillars complete the build, with a big Republic rug in the very center of the garden. I have attempted to keep the whole area in an elegant and luxurious theme, hopefully managing to give credit to the high class Jedi owner style.

    I will see you all in part three, where we will visit the more private part of the estate as well as the party room. The most important of them all, when it comes to roleplay. I hope you are enjoying my creation so far.