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  • Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: Keevala's Stronghold (1/3) on Darth Malgus
  • Submitted by: Naeli Sizara
  • Publicly Listed: Republic
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    Hello all!
    I have finally found the courage to post my Coruscant Stronghold. A lot of effort and credits were put into making of this place. Due to some of the decorations disappearing from Cartel Market, it took years to hunt down the required amount. The project started shortly after the initial release of the Strongholds and lasted till early 2019. It only took me a year to finally decide to share my work with the server and you here. I do hope you will enjoy what I have assembled and if anyone wishes to take a closer look, it can be found under public listings on the Republic side. Now to a short description of the place!

    The Stronghold is the house of former Jedi Knight Keevala. She was a Mirialan Jedi Archaeologist and agent to the Order. Serving close to the war fronts, tasked with preserving and acquisition of rare and valuable artifacts. This can be seen throughout the rooms of her house, which are filled with little treasures and keepsakes of her past expeditions. Since the Zakuulan invasion, she has became more of a radical, having witnessed the fall of the Jedi Order and the failure of its teachings.

    Thumbnail is the sneak peak of Part 2, as I cannot fit all the pictures in one post.

    First picture is the initial view of the entrance reception, where a droid welcomes all visitors. Any weapons and armaments are to be stored in the lockers behind it for safekeeping. The room offers comfortable couches to those awaiting permission to enter. Out of character the room offers almost all utility functions, having all the cargo lockers, GTN terminal as well as a mailbox. I have attempted to implement the decorations into the room design, to make them feel natural and not out of place. Picture two shows the view from the other side, to present the whole room clearly.

    Third Picture is a quick look at the corridor connecting the rooms at the lower level, once more showing the mixture of elegance and practicality. I kept it simple and easy to pass through, as the whole Stronghold is used regularly for roleplay.

    Pictures from four to eight are taken in the main operation preparations room of the stronghold. Its a room for both long term excursion planning on the galaxy maps and terminals as well as last minute repairs, thanks to the droid maintenance and the work table nearby. The center of the room is occupied by a large holograph map for the last briefing before setting of onto the mission. I have attempted to mix and match various technological decorations to create a realistic and believable environment, where one could actually work and prepare. Zakuulan wall monitors were of great help to make the whole room feel more tied together. But the most important piece is definitely the holomap in the middle. It not only dominates the room, it also creates the ambient particle effects, adding to the high tech vibe of the room.

    Next is the medbay. Right next to the previous one, opposite the entrance for ease of access in case of an emergency. First picture shows the overall layout of the room, with the medical beds to the right of the entrance along the wall as well as the kolto and cryo tanks with monitoring devices to the left. The room houses the last utility decoration, that being the Appearance Customization Station, which I attempted to implement as a patient monitoring display, for whoever might be using the kolto tank at the moment. Further in the corner I have used the wall decorations, mixing and matching to create a believable cryo support for the tank there, with the effect of the cooling system sporadically venting into the room.

    Lastly the two staircases leading upwards. Kept to a minimalist design with some artwork of places the Jedi has visited, or has studied about. They are paired with the Jedi Banners, now a reminder of Keevala's past and the root of her principles. Once more the main corridors are kept simple, letting easy passage for the roleplayers, while maintaining a decent look. I tried to give credit to the pedestals lining the staircase and hopefully achieved the desired effect.

    Once more, if anyone is interested in the whole thing, the SH is listed publicly on the Republic Side on Darth Malgus. And for now, this is the end of part one out of three.