Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 4: Exterior 2 – Satele Shan

  • Alderaan Noble Estate: Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 4: Exterior 2 on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Jaden Caelumingredi
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Now we move to the private residences, alliance planning rooms, and the entertainment bar. To start the hallways are really detailed, The floorings, the wall hangings, the plants, have all gone though several changes to get it right! Especially the wall hangings. I really wanted to alternate between the red and blue banners, and these ones in particular I felt, fit the best for my overall vision.

First room we look at is the alliance planning room. Part council chamber, part planning room, and part classroom. I wanted this room to speak ‘Alliance business and future’. A couple of acolytes are getting schooled by the respective masters in the corner. Master Gnost-Dural is of course overseeing many operations, day in and day out!

Next we have the fun spot! All work and no play make for a really boring alliance! Here there are dancers, live music, and most drinks you can find (and probably some you cant!). From the Bar area, we move through the halls some more. The same attention to detail and patterns flow through out! From the halls into the master suite, there are two torches, marking this hall entrance as ‘special’!

I wanted the master bedroom to be a comfortable and personal place as well as elegant yet homey as possible. A spa is to the left and an entertainment area is to the right as soon as you enter. Past this are walls with more torches to segment the room from the bed. In the bedroom area, I went for the feel of my personal items, things that make the space ‘mine’, if you will. The Holotree with a train, the aquarium and a view I would kill to wake up too every morning in reality!

Well, that’s the end of the journey. The Stronghold is public so feel free to take a look when you have some time. I love critiques and feedback, so Let me know what you think!