Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 3: Exterior 2 – Satele Shan

  • Alderaan Noble Estate: Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 3: Exterior 2 on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Jaden Caelumingredi
  • Publicly Listed: Neutral

The retreat area, I treated like the private gardens and rooms of the master of the house.

We start with touches of Jedi tranquility gardens, leading to the open areas outside of the private areas. Large statuses and other decoration adorn the area, that I mostly chose cause of the lighting effects and animations. One My favorite things about this stronghold are the hooks in unreachable areas. If you look over the ledge , as seen in the pics you see a ginormous Jedi fountain/ statue, and a ship hidden amongst the rocks (Everyone needs a quick getaway if the you-know-what hits the fan!).

Near that cliff are little wooden spots, such as an outdoor mediation chamber and some critters under a tree, trying to stay warm!

Up the steps to the training hall, the entrance is adorned with Jedi, republic, and empire regalia. A few statues also adorn the outside, as well as a robot that is best not messed with, unless you want a visit to the med bay. Inside, there are training dummies and a firing range to keep the skills sharp!

Before we move on, as simple as this area seems, there are so may minute touches to the exterior walls. Some are pictured below but seeing the area in person is the only way to take it all in!

On to the final part, Part 4 the second interior set!