Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 2: 1st Interior – Satele Shan

  • Alderaan Noble Estate: Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 2: 1st Interior on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Jaden Caelumingredi
  • Publicly Listed: Neutral

This main interior, combined with the other interior, took the longest. I did NOT want clutter. I knew I had to fill it, and wanted 100% completion but I didn’t it to look like decorations exploded every where.

The entrance was harder than it looks cause I had to get real creative with wall hooks. Those three diamond lights are three separate lights positioned just right. Additionally, wherever a floor covering could go, I pretty much put one down. This is another attention to detail item I noticed involved a lot of trial and error to get right. Moving into the main hall, we see just as much attention to detail. Look up! Those details of wall torches, Zakuulan waterfalls, temple light PLUS the Alderaan Chandeliers are all parts of the OCD at play here. Large walls give a sense of separation & zones, and various social areas in different forms through the main hall.

To the left, first room, that was labeled guest room, we have the estate med bay and to the right, that was labeled drawing room, we have the Alliance troop barracks, were the boys mostly play nice. In the rear we have my office, which I wanted to look like a cross between a corporate office but also a home office, a mini mancave if you will.

Heading out of the more common and utility areas, we proceed to the throne room. No big touches here, other than maintaining the feel of an Alliance, and also coordination with the wall banners all the way through. The throne room it self is meant to convey an almost medieval theme, with the incense burners and loyal companions flanking the throne. From the throne room we go to the private balcony. Just a simple pergola, but look off the edge for the beautiful crystal formations!

Finally, on the way to the second exterior views, is the elevator area. This was such a simple area and keeping it that way was so much harder than it should have been!

On to part 3, the second exterior set!