Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 1: Exterior (front) – Satele Shan

  • Alderaan Noble Estate: Jayden’s Noble Alliance Retreat – Part 1: Exterior (front) on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Jaden Caelumingredi
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This stronghold is a labor of love, more than a year in the making. Lots of pics and lots of details in each one!

To start, we have the landing pads. Here we have the Jedi’s ship, with Koth’s Ship, a couple of troop transports, and short range defensive starfighter, for quick response in the air around the stronghold and immediate planetary orbit. additionally, there is a flight command center, with a turret for incoming enemy air. Very nearby from the ship landing pads, on the cliff adjacent to the pads, we have a troop LP-OP post. This post was inspired by my time in the military. If you pay a visit, notice the sly sniper in the wooden overhang deck!

From the troop post we proceed to the exterior entrance gardens (the next several pics). These pics feature one of my absolute favorite decoration, the Makeb Gazebo. It appears there is a rogue camper up the hill near the gardens, but he seems a quiet fellow, so we let him stay. Next, we have a hidden critter cave behind the waterfall, with a Mama Vulptilla and her cub, with a few other critters keeping them company and some firelight for when I visit them.

Going up the stairs, I wanted to convey an elegance and continuation from the gardens. The first set of stars begins this transition, just a simple set of Zakuulan Gardens flanking the stairs. Further up, is an out door sitting area, for guest, or for residents wanting a simple breath of fresh air and good view. Moving up to the estate entrance, I wasn’t going for a theme. But I was going for a feel. Again elegant, but noble, royalty meets Jedi. the Orgun Din Memorials lighting effect are, to me a great entrance enhancer and creates and unofficial walk way. But don’t be too quick to go inside! There a lot of detail here! In this plaza I wanted to also give the feel of a place bazaar. A place were the public, when allowed in, could buy goods and whatever else they need, hence all the vendors. The benches here were an ingenious idea I saw in another stronghold. I had to copy it, I would give credit to the original creator but its been over a year and I have no memory of their name. Its two basic benches angled just right with a tree in the middle. They are perfect for this plaza, imho.

Before we head in, there is one more place that deserves a view! The Sith Cavern! To me, the Kilik cave screamed dark side energy. I just felt it, so that’s how I modeled it. Bunch of Sith doing sith-y things, and the ghost of Darth mar overseeing all.

Next follows the part 2 (and other parts) interior!