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  1. Revan
    19 July 2020 @ 1436

    Few things I have to comment on because they stood out to me so much. Starting off, wonderful job. It has so many beautiful elements so well blended together (ie the library). I have three things I just love. First: the utility area is to die for. Innovative genius. Second: The Voss Street Lamps in the walls so that you only get the hanging crystals. Third: The modified Rakatan pottery with the palms. Seriously amazing ideas.


  2. Hayley Dorne
    20 July 2020 @ 2331

    I.. LOVE that garden out the front. It’s a shame the marshal droid doesn’t sell hedge maze walls because that would just be next level. Using easy accessable decos you’ve made a really nice feature I haven’t seen from anyone else.


  3. Izzel
    21 July 2020 @ 0348

    @Revan Thank you! Happy to share the ideas 🙂 I was so excited that rakatan pots and palms turned out being made for each other and wanted to put them everywhere but stopped in time.


  4. Izzel
    21 July 2020 @ 0352

    @ Hayley Dorne Thanks! Utility area was a pain to build, partly because the hooks are annoyingly asymmetric, but it serves its purpose in the end and doesn’t look out of place. And yeah, being able to make a hedge maze would be awesome.


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