Ithari’s Stronghold – Star Forge

    • Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: Ithari’s Stronghold on Star Forge
    • Submitted by: Ithari Pol
    • Publicly Listed: Republic

When I first tackled the Coruscant Skyrise Apartment, strongholds had just been released and there was a very limited number of options to choose from decorations wise, kind of shoehorning me into decorating and laying out based on what was available rather than what I had in mind, which gave us this: Four years later and numerous cartel packs later, that’s no longer the case. I figured it would be fun to revisit my original stronghold with new decoration options. What started as a simple “let me swap this out with something better real quick” turned into the endeavor of mostly blowing it up and starting over. The recent addition of so many NPC decorations also allowed me to really breathe some life into the place by comparison.

The idea behind this stronghold was to have a base of operations for my main Jedi Knight Ithari, a place where he lived but that also served as a sprawling penthouse meeting center, research facility and strategic command for those friendly to the Republic and Jedi. I tried to envision a place where Jedi, Soldiers, SIS agents and politicians could come together to discuss pressing Republic issues, or that could serve as a staging ground for missions and adventures across the galaxy. I made a point to use many plant and water based on the idea of “the Force is in all living things”, so that seemed appropriate for a Jedi residence/headquarters.

I hope you guys enjoy this submission, and please stop by sometime!