Ho’dor’s Smuggler’s Haven – The Harbinger


Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

Submitted by: Springwoods – The Harbinger

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Here you can sit by the fountain after a long tiring journey or take a stroll down the lobby and let the protocol droids show you around. I pretend the pylon picture is some kind of a directory board. Cargo holds and Deco Fabricators are also nearby for all your stashing and crafting needs.

[Command Center]
Here Mako make use of her skill to take charge of security and monitoring with the latest one of a kind hi-tech gadgets. All the computer and tech deco fits perfectly. The Mentor deco is an added bonus to make the room more stand out.

Added supply locker, chests and some box from conquest reward to add some authentic feel of a warehouse.

[Crew Quarters]
This is where the crew and personnel unwind after a day’s work. Elara is there next to med bay and kolto tank to take care of the sick and wounded. There are some pictures of the crew just above their bunk bed to remind them of their past adventures. The Soa picture above Elara seems kinda fiting.

[Private Quarter]
This is my personal room, I just add what I can to make it look good. Notice the blue crystal inside the tank.

You can see Torian learning a thing a two from Jorgan while the Ewoks are having conversation with a Rakling

[BBA Lounge]
if you are a smuggler that has a problem… if no one lese can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… the BBA Team! I love guns, i love BBA, which is why I made this. Added some chests, weapon locker and other things under the canopy to somewhat make this weapon selling business more authenthic. There’s a Horranth next to Vik pretending it was a bulldog and a lizard bat next to Gault pretending it was a vulture and his personal pet.