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TOR Decorating


  1. Del'kessar
    4 September 2014 @ 1248

    Definitely one of the best buddy! 😛


    • Hayete
      4 September 2014 @ 1316

      Thanks Del 🙂 Actually still working on it. Right after I made the Video I put up a couple of monitors in the Med Bay. LOL so always a work in progress as you know


  2. Trym
    4 September 2014 @ 1411

    great theme and really nicely executed!


    • Hayete
      4 September 2014 @ 1417

      Thanks Trym 😀


  3. Stylosh
    9 September 2014 @ 0641

    Very nice. I especially like the video showing us around and you explaning your decissions


    • Hayete
      10 September 2014 @ 1938

      Thanks Stylosh! There has been alot of thought and design that went into it and alot of the ideas and concepts you just can’t get from the pictures. Glad you enjoyed the Video 🙂


  4. Kirillus
    10 September 2014 @ 2112

    No way!!! I have an almost identical layout in my DK hangar haha!!!

    Very nicely executed. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that put some thought into their stronghold and tried to make it realistic, instead of just piling all of their decorations in it without an ounce of planning.

    Your med bay idea – excellent. Had planned on making one too funnily enough.

    Using a holo call – another one I also did, albeit slightly differently (I’ll link you my page when I upload my stronghold).

    I love how clean, symmetrical and uniformly coloured it is too. So many similarities with my own that it’s unbelievable. We’re on an almost identical wavelength.

    Really well done. “My compliments to the Chef”, as they say.


    • Hayete
      12 September 2014 @ 1551

      Thanks Kirillus ^_^

      I was definitely looking forward to GSH for the purpose of decorating it and making it something personal to my character. I was really blown away (not in a good way) when i realized that getting to 100% meant “throw a bunch of shit on the walls and display all your mounts”. LOL So i’m glad the thought and purpose of my Stronghold comes across as i intended it to. Glad someone else in the “galaxy” is thinking like i am 🙂


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