Gree Core Guardian

  • Source: Op: Terror From Beyond
  • Stronghold Decoration: Personnel – Droids
  • Hook Type: Centerpiece
  • Cost for Guild Purchase: 50,000 credits

Gree was a planet located within the Gree Enclave, a small region in the Veragi sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was the homeworld of the Gree species, a race of six-tentacledcephalopods who, despite having an advanced form of technology, allowed their society to fall into ruin when they began prizing an individual’s mastery of their advanced devices over improving them or creating new ones. As the Operator caste became more powerful within Gree society, they guarded the secrets of operating and manipulating their devices, sometimes dying before they could pass the knowledge on to their apprentices.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Submitted by: Murdertoys of The Red Eclipse

Gree Core Guardian 2 Gree Core Guardian