Defender-Class Light Corvette

“The Defender-class light corvette was produced by the Rendili Vehicle Corporation for the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War between theGalactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Manufactured on Corellia, the Defender-class light corvette was modeled after a similar consumer corvette that was inspired by the Republic Military‘s Thranta-class corvette, but the Defender-class was modified specifically for use by Jedi as a mobile operations base and a capable starfighter in its own right. The corvette could be flown by a single pilot, and it was equipped with heavy shielding, two sets of duallaser cannons, and missiles. The ship’s interior was laid out over two decks, and a secure holoterminal, transceiver, multiple conference rooms, and a medbay were among the vessel’s numerous amenities. The Defender-class saw use by the Jedi throughout the Cold War and the Galactic War with the Empire, and several of the Order’s greatest heroes flew Defender-class corvettes on their adventures across the galaxy.” – Source: Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Defender-Class Light Corvette

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