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Tatooine Homestead

Submitted by: Kyne – Jedi Covenant

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In response to someone saying that filling up the garage with speeders is hardly decorating:

It is a design concept for a re-purposed garage. Yuuhi and her design team from “Pimp My Garage” set out to create a relaxing R&R atmosphere in a formerly greasy auto-moto-shop. Some of the speeders have been furbished and put on display between discreet guest lounges, each vehicle accompanied by an item related to their origin or story.

The center area constitutes the vip area, where fountains and an ice crystal sculpture form a stimulating and refreshing aura contrasting the harsh desert climate. The welcoming entrance area offers immediate rest and refreshments to the tired travelers.
The open roof gives a free view to the beautiful and clear night skies of Tatooine and the light-hearted music travels far, sending a welcoming message to travelers within a wide radius around the estate. The roof decoration is a testimony to travelers from all areas and regions being welcome in this oasis.

The design concept is open to many variation according to the host’s taste and financial abilities. The hook design of the center area proved to be a challenge due to currently limited options, but with an increasing variety of decorations being produced our PMG team is already looking forward to create an even more refined vip area for the deep-pocketed patrons.

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