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TOR Decorating


  1. Trym
    12 September 2014 @ 2156

    Really like the balcony and the color themes throughout. It’s a shame about the clipping on the benches with the sea grass on the balcony. Your screenies are great, #4 is stellar.


  2. elisaveta
    13 September 2014 @ 1546

    I like the layout of this place! The autumn trees as so pretty on this lot. Good color matching 🙂


  3. Skullshard
    15 September 2014 @ 0051

    Wow these are some amazingly colour coded rooms. That must have taken heaps of effort, well done.


  4. pwnznoobs
    21 October 2015 @ 0901

    I like that you have a theme for your rooms. Nice to see that for a change. Also like the back lore helps understand your choices. I too am guilty of going a little color crazy and even though I love imperial stuffs I think its def out of place on Coruscant. But nicely done!


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