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Coruscant Skyrise Apartment

Submitted by: Christee – The Harbinger

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There’s not a ton of crazy decorations in this room but I really like the look of it. Most of the non-Cartel Pack Decorations (such as the datacrons and statues) were collected personally as opposed to buying them off the GTN, which took me forever for the Ancient Burial Urn. I got one on my first run through Athiss, but then when I tried to for a second I ended up not getting another for like 10 runs through. That was tiring. Nevertheless, I wanted it to kinda look like a big, extravagant bedroom as opposed to the “main room” kinda thing it seemed the actual room was intended to be used as. Mainly because I felt like having a bed lined up on that huge window would be awesome. xD So, that’s where the idea came from.