Canister of Isotope-9

  • Source: Operation – Toborro’s Courtyard
  • Stronghold Decoration: Technological – Artifacts
  • Hook Type: Floor Medium Narrow, Floor Medium

Isotope-5 was one of the rarest substances in the known galaxy, secretly discovered by deep-core mining operations on the planet Makeb after it was conquered by the Hutt Cartel in 3640 BBY. Discovered to be a radioactive form of illerium, and named for the fifth known isotopic variation of an element normally found in neutron stars, isotope-5 had powerful warping effects on gravitational and electromagnetic fields even in minuscule quantities. Research into the substance’s capabilities showed that it was relatively stable, and could theoretically be altered into a form capable of channeling massive amounts of energy through particle bombardment. Such was the nature of isotope-5 that scientists speculated a single microgram of the substance could power a datapad for an entire century. The gravity-warping properties of isotope-5 were believed to be the cause of Makeb’s atmospheric interference and the unusual mesa formations that dotted the surface.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Cannister of Isotope-9 PreviewCannister of Isotope-9 2