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Tatooine Homestead

Submitted by: Calphaya – The Harbinger

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Images in order for ease of referral within this blurb:

Throne Balcony
Main Bedroom/Office
Café/Dining Room
Courtyard 1
Courtyard 2
Courtyard 3
Smuggler Room
Agent Room
Trooper Room
Hunter Room
Creature Tent
Power Generators
Jawa Market

Ever since we knew about Strongholds, I’d always intended to dedicate a room each to as many classes as I could – in practice a pair of mirror classes – whilst still giving it a very lived-in feel. This is why there is a café and a main bedroom in place of a potential further two “class rooms”.

Each of the three courtyards houses one of my pride-and-joys. In the first, all three Kell Drakes are gathered around a Krayt Dragon Skull in a piece that I like to nickname the “Cult Drakes”. In the second, there is the Krayt Dragon Skeleton. Finally, the third has the Jawa Market. I decided to arrange several of the “junky” Utility Decorations around them to make it look like they were selling more stuff than what was just within their market stall, and I think it’s worked out okay.

The Hunter room is probably the one I would opt to completely re-do or donate to my Sage, but the base floor layout is one which is nigh-impossible to work with – the one with two Large Hooks instead of the one Large Hook directly in the centre – and come away with a truly “decent” result. That, and with perhaps the sole exception of the Hunter’s Planning Table (which I regrettably do not own yet) there aren’t that many “Hunter-y” decorations outside of the BBA Reputation items, many of which could be used effectively for other classes (Smugglers and Troopers, for example). Making do, though, it doesn’t look so bad, but I did have to compile two different images together as one image proved it couldn’t capture the entire thing in all its sparseness. Horrid thing.

The hangar also houses a whole bunch of speeders besides the Phantom. They can’t be seen in the picture because of the pop-in not being far-sighted for vehicles, but every single hook set-up has at least one vehicle (max of 4 in some cases) attached. It’s got to the stage now whereby if I want to place any more, they have to go outside into the courtyard..!

Continuing the “vignette” theme present within Cult Drakes and Jawas, the Garden has a nursery consisting of a Plaguetooth Sleen and an Aquatic Mewvorr being tended to by an Aquatic Sleen, and the Creature Tent has a Taunlet beside two adult Tauntauns. Cute animals are my bane, forgive me.