Cain Starwind’s Pirate Roost – Star Forge

  • Yavin 4 Temple: Cain Starwind’s Pirate Roost on Star Forge
  • Submitted by: Moebius
  • Publicly Listed: Neutral

Welcome to the lawless town of Ostrico, a haven for pirates, gunslingers, smugglers, outlaws, and all the scum of the galaxy.
I tried to recreate a gritty shantytown, star wars style. It features a marketplace, cantina, pirate council chamber, barracks (inspired by another poster, don’t remember who but all credit goes to you), creature auction corral, bounty hunter’s hall, arena, ancient Jedi records chamber (currently reclaimed), starfighter dock and maintenance station, unknown force user’s mausoleum, and crystal cave.
I’m more than happy to offer silver keys to anyone willing to RP, it’s filled with tiny side quest-like situtations for every class.
Sorry for the low quality, it’s all my potato pc can handle.
Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome!