Averjery Legacy – The Ebon Hawk


Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

Submitted by: Conzu – The Ebon Hawk

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The functional retreat of Jedi Master Phells, this Nar Shaddaa stronghold features a lab housing a Service Corps project to incorporate sustainable farming and agriculture into the Vertical City. In addition to the lab, plants and animals clustered together among cluttered tables and humming power stations, there is ample space for anything from a diplomatic summit to a spice addicts’ recovery meeting. The most prominent resident of all, surpassing the status of Master Phells, her son and Jedi Knight Perchek Baobab, and his Padawan, the former Sith Lord Shop Aequora, is the illustrious, magnificent gizka, Flowers.

Decor details other than the lab include a replicated hypergate irregularity and several pieces of furniture of Selkath design. Also notable is a painting by the famed Nar Shaddaa painter, Damon Flack.