Ascellan’s Hideout Part 2 – Satele Shan

  • Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse: Ascellan’s Hideout Part 2 on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Helwyr
  • Publicly Listed: Empire

The inner room is the surveillance room. Containing all the latest technology, monitoring and sensor data. In the centre is one of my favourite decorations – the Orrery Table (obtained from an Ossus achievement). To the right is all the technology and to the left I have used some more windows to create a separate meeting room.

The final room, at the back of the stronghold, is the laboratory/workshop. I have used window, door and wall decorations to create a separate section in this room, and also has a small medical facility behind the door.

I hope you liked this tour. It took a while for me to be happy with the decor, but I really liked the size of the stronghold and I hope bioware make more this size.