Ascellan’s Hideout Part 1 – Satele Shan

  • Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse: Ascellan’s Hideout Part 1 on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Helwyr
  • Publicly Listed: Empire

This stronghold is the home of my imperial agent. In the end, he left the Empire behind, and this is now his hideout.

The first room you enter is a front, designed to look like the office of an antiquities dealer and disguise the true purpose of the hideout. At the top of the stairs I used some wall and door decorations to split the room in half and conceal the real part of the hideout.

The outer ring room, to the right, is set up as a bedroom. I used the window decoration to create a separate partition for the sleeping area so that it feels a little more private. Additionally there is some space for my agent to relax and socialise. As my agent is a Chiss, there are a few Chiss themed decorations throughout the stronghold.

Behind the wall in the main area is a casual dining/hangout area for my agent and his companions.

The natural light in this stronghold is really bad, and I hated having such a dark stronghold, so I have used a large amount of the brightest light decoration I could find (the Revanite Chandelier) throughout the stronghold.

The rest of the stronghold can be viewed in part 2.