Apex Casino & Spa – Part 2 of 2 – The Ebon Hawk

  • Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace: Apex Casino & Spa – Part 2 of 2 on The Ebon Hawk
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    • Nestled away in sprawling cityscape of Nar Shaadda, one will find Apex Casino & Spa. The epitome of luxury, Apex is an invite only establishment for only the somebodies of somebodies. Featuring the latest in amenities our staff here at Apex exist solely to serve. We offer a wide range of services and entertainment options for our VIP clientele. With multiple state of the art entertainment facilities, the options are endless. To name but a few we feature beautifully furnished Slots rooms, multiple tables featuring all your favorite card games, from sabacc to pazaack and everything in between. Beautiful lounges that will fit even the most discerning tastes.
      And three full spas available for your use. We offer an always open dance floor with thousands of records from throughout the galaxy with DJ’s playing your favorite hits. And for our more…adventurous clients, we have a full roster of beautiful escorts, male and female of your choice of species to accompany you all night and well into the morning.

      Not elite enough? Well fret not my one percent of the one percent, we offer a secondary lounge for the absolute elite of the elite to escape the regular societal plebians, featuring wonders from all corners of the galaxy and a private game table for only the best of the best.

      If you’ve received our invite, please, come visit us here at Apex, you’ll be glad you did.

      -Fine Print-
      Apex Casino & Spa is not liable for any loss of property while on premises nor will we be liable for bodily injury, the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, dismemberment, evisceration, incineration, electrocution, memory loss, alcohol poisoning, accidental overdose, assault, impalement, disintegration, paralysis, necrosis, spontaneous organ failure, rakghoul plague infection, seizures, pulmonary embolisms, or death. Apex also assures all clientele that we are not affiliated with the Dark Templar or any other Revanite orders, that’s just silly, you shouldn’t think that, just ignore any individuals that may be wearing Dark Templar colors or insignia, it is just a fashion trend on Nar Shaadda at this time, nor is this a front company for Excellion Arms Incorporated, that is just as absurd.