Agohn's Temple of Darkness – Star Forge

  • Yavin 4 Temple: Agohn's Temple of Darkness on Star Forge
  • Submitted by: Sorin
  • Publicly Listed: Empire
    • Welcome to Agohn's Temple of Darkness. Having grown tired of the constant infighting among the Sith and the Empire Agohn, along with several of his followers and loyal Imperial members have followed in the ways of the Dread Masters and have left the Empire completely. Setting up a new Sith Academy deep in the jungles of the planet of Yavin IV, these loyal Sith have began setting up a new place for Sith to learn the Dark Side of the Force away from prying eyes of the Empire.
      The temple was meant to be kept as natural as possible during the decorating process. Aside from the command center, the library, and a few lights scattered throughout, everything is as natural as could possibly be kept. It is meant to give the appearance of a temple that is older than those used during the SoR quest lines. Hope you all enjoy.