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Here is a list of Heroic Missions which have a chance to drop these decorations.

  • Sunko

    There are 6 Dark and 5 light? Any ideas on where the Light Cunning might be? Oricon?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Quesh. I had the code wrong for displaying it.

      • Sunko

        Quesh? I do not think there is a Heroic in Quesh. Do you know where it drops from? Thanks for the quick reply and Great job on all the info here!

        • Exiled Messenger

          That’s what it says on the Editor Mode and in the game files. I did a quick look around the internet and couldn’t find any repeatable quests for Quesh. I took a pub character out and found a non-heroic quest, but I most likely missed that the first time through. I also took an imp character out and couldn’t find anything.

          • Sunko

            Yeah there aren’t any. Thanks for all the info. I ‘ll try to find more info as well.

          • Sunko

            Some posted the best way to get it is to buy the boxes with Planet comms.

          • Sadriel_Fett

            Maybe the WB might drop it, too?

        • Mina

          I’ve had decent luck taking out the handful of champions on Quesh. Drop rate isn’t great but they do drop.

    • warduke

      nar shadaa

  • Ludie

    Hi there you have the link for the heroic missions wrong, it takes me to a log-in screen. Other than that great work i’ve been using this site like crazy to get decorations

    • Exiled Messenger

      Oops, sorry about that. It’s fixed now.

  • I have taken out the WB on Quesh twice and nothing dropped

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Do they still have these in-game. I’ve been doing Heroics like crazy, for the cash and Alliance crates, and noticed these haven’t dropped for me in months.

    • MXFoX408

      yeah i was wondering the same thing, I wonder if it works before you start KOTFE

      • Bastardodcadena

        apparently now i less % you had 1. Like decoration from FP

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