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  • strghld

    The lack of red lights is disturbing!

  • iceberg265

    No Jedi/Sith banners only Rep/Imp, damn.

  • Blub

    There seriously needs to be more than just 1 or 2 sithy wall decorations

  • Sisqi

    A lot of these decos like the class signs and trophies cannot be used in a guild HQ or guild ship as you automatically get the signs for an achievement. Bit of a pity really.
    Would be nice for guilds as well to be able to collect trophies for the operations that they succeeded at and hang them in their respective guild places.

  • Kitty

    I would really love for more wall lights that actually LIT up the area. Bought Bazaar lantern on a whim and it casts no light.

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