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  • strghld

    I wonder why Section X on a prison planet is so much into pottery.


    Are the Dread Lords manufactoring them?

    • Wossname

      Because all the Rakata vaults were full of that stuff. And, like everyone looting tombs, might as well sell it for a fortune. 😛

      • TiVO

        That BELONGS in a MUSEUM!

        • Random guy

          So do you Dr Jones! …umm I mean TiVO!

  • DOA

    checked Nar Saddaa and the thorn deco items are there, where are those glowing plants?

    • DOA

      “not there”

      • Exiled Messenger

        They are sold by Jeelvic, the roaming vendor that only appears during the Rakghoul Resuregence event.

        • Connor

          Jeelvic is in the Cartel Bazzar on the Fleet

          • Exiled Messenger

            A year ago when I wrote that, Jeelvic wasn’t in the Cartel Bazaar.

      • Guest

        Word on the street is the Rakghoul Resurgence event will be back October 28th, so in theory you’ll be able to get them from Jeelvic then.

  • Julianah Kai’Zallow

    The Section X decos fit well with the new Yavin Stronghold. Time to level that rep!

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