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  • Kirillus

    Wish there were Red Guards you could buy…

    • Sisqi

      Wish their were Imperial guard droids as well.

      • Kirillus

        they would be awesome too

    • sedremier

      I wish there were:
      – Mercs
      – Mandalorians
      – Thugs
      – Armed Droids
      – Red Guards
      – Jedi Shadow Guards
      – Turrets
      – Missile-Launchers

      Some more elements to make the STRONGhold not such a weakhold.

      For now, the Synthetic and Universal Fabrication Droids need to fill in for the lack of ‘proper’ not-indoctrinated guards.

      • Kirillus

        They also need to bring in Imperial astromech droids, that would be good.
        They need to fix the Imperial medical droid too so that it looks like a real world npc (holding a holopad, doing whatever).
        Like someone mentioned already, having Sith Lords and Acolytes (or whoever) walking around your stronghold would make it twice as good.

        • Kirillus

          They also need to increase the NPC cap to 50-60. 25 NPC’s?….
          Your 3 Prefab Droids + Felusia + I/R Medical Droid and that’s already 5.
          Say four companions and that’s 9. Say you plant some guards on your first floor, 6. That’s 15. Maybe you want some interrogation droids and live mounts – 20.
          I’m at 15 on my first floor only. Used 5 on my second floor already. 5 left for my balcony, my other staircase and other rooms… bs

      • Darth Ji’inx


        Someone’s going to be very happy with July’s Explorer Pack 😉

    • Recondo

      Dress up your comp and use several of him as guards…

      • strghld

        And then they turn into holos, wearing their default outfit…

        • SirRobinII

          most of my holos are naked

          • chillshock

            The whole holo-companions-solution to whatever problem it was is the most frustrating bad decision they made about strongholds. I’d rather have had 30-60 seconds longer loading screens, if it meant I’d have my companions to place.

            Also: paths or at least random actions by them would have turned the houseing into a living, breathing thing. Right now its… a wax-cabinet.

            But fun, still. I enjoy it.

      • Kirillus

        Did that. Gave Vette an Pierce the new “Reaver” outfit with black and red dye modules. They stand beside my Overlord’s Chair in my throne room

  • King Thane

    My only wish is that pets and animal mounts didn’t count as npc’s, and that that companions that weren’t from your class weren’t holo’d. I’ve got tat set up as a mando’s training group,but meh. and I agree with chill be nice to have some mandalorians npc with different style geared

    • Nefash

      I don’t mind the holo so much though I would like an option to have them shown as non holos. What I would really like is for companions of characters that aren’t currently logged on to show they way I’ve customised them (including gear), rather than showing up as the default look when I’m not logged on that particular character.

  • Blub

    Wish there were music band players with kloos

    • Blub

      Musicians was the word I was looking for….

  • Nitutu

    Is there a personnel or utility stronghold item that sells crew skills trade vendor items? I think that’s the only thing missing for me to be able to craft and never leave the stronghold.

    • – Jules –

      Well, there are the jawa’s, which you have to buy with cartel certificates unfortunately, but there are also the utility decorations from conquests you can use to get crafting materials. These can probably be found on the GTN as well

      • Nitutu

        I have the 3 jawas for the green, blue, artifact stuff. I meant the white boarder items you buy from the crew skills trade vendors (brazing flux, etc.). If there’s a personnel or utility item for them, I can’t seem to find the item.

  • Sisqi

    The Jawas are now under the Vendor category and not the Citizen category.

    • Exiled Messenger


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