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These appear to drop randomly throughout the op, though some may be specifically tied to the last boss.

  • King Thane

    ok wanted 2 throw this out there did tfb 16 sm, 5 hypergate irregulars droped from the trash mobs, mainly those first enemies cant think of their names, but the large groups of the mutation things. The final boss droped the shield core. I would say doing operations in 8m would be better since it would give you better luck with drops.

  • Toast

    Just a few drops and where we found them last night, feel free to delete comment once recorded.
    EC Mine Cart – Stealthkillers (SM trash)
    Burning Skull, Dreadful altar (NIM brontes)
    Rakata Energy Pylon – Droids after 1st boss, and outdoor trash before pylons.
    Rakata Herald Statue (NIM Soa)
    Flag: Dangerous Hutts – womp rats in tunnels (KP NIM)
    Gold Plated Hutt – Forman and Karagga (NIM KP)

    • Zyera Keywork

      I got the Herald Statue from a few bosses, not just Soa but not from trash. Mind traps were only from the last boss from our experiences.

  • King Thane

    Can’t seem to find stormcaller tank, ive done all versions of EC. I’ve managed to get 3 firebrand tanks(which im excited about) but I cant seem to get storm to drop. Only place I’ve seen them is on gtn which are selling for around 9-12M which is odd since fire is only selling for 2.5M. if anyone wants 2 donate one i’ll gladly take it:P

    • Alvie

      I got my stormcaller from 16man kephess nim, canon from vorgath, same 16man

  • Darkojin

    There is a new entry in Commemorative Statues in decorations (in-game) for The Dread Masters, which says it is from achievements. Not seeing it on this site, and can’t seem to find the achievement that gives it in-game. Any idea how we get this?

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