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These are random drops in either SM or HM, though HM has a better drop rate. Bonus bosses appear to have a better chance of dropping decorations.


  • SirRobinII

    I got the athis one in sm but i didn’t get the battle of illum one, is it random or should i ve done hm ?

    • King Thane

      its all random, I did black talon hm, didn’t drop any;howver I did black talon normal as a 55 took about 15mins and 2 droped from random trash.

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Thanx, that answers all my questions without me having to ask them 🙂

        • King Thane

          np,ive notice bonus bosses give a guarantee drop of an decoration,however fp’s without a boss boss the trash enemies have a decent chance 2 drop a decoration.

          • SirRobinII

            bonus boss on The Esseles didn’t drop for me.

          • holyfrog

            You can’t solo that boss you need a buddy to hit the other switch 🙁

          • DatapawWolf

            Bonus bosses are NOT a guaranteed drop. Might be a better chance, but not guaranteed.

          • TheDood

            ^ Can confirm. Ran Lost island -many times- and the bonus boss ‘appeared’ to always drop a decoration. But after 7 in a row, it didn’t drop for 3 more runs.

    • Isla

      I’ve had the large crystal drop from the BoI bonus boss in HM every time we’ve attempted it.

  • JimmyJ

    Ran one SM False Emperor yesterday, got the statue from the bonus boss. Ran about 35 FPs today (about half fully killing everything in the instance, half running by what I could and just killing bosses) and not a single decoration… Gotta love random! lol

    • Dookus

      SM doesn’t have a bonus boss …

      • Unoshi

        you should check again. It does! all i do for FE is SM runs and always kill the bonus boss so yes, it does. Athiss on the other hand doesnt have a bonus boss on SM

        • Hiroshi Perez

          On HM yes it is the large force Beast

          • Unoshi

            might be late reply, but yes i know HM does, thats why i said not on SM

    • Severos

      There is, in fact, a bonus boss in SM False Emperor; I got a statue off of it last night.

  • SirRobinII

    false emperor sm solo, first time and got the deco from bonus boss

  • Sivis

    FYI regarding the Rakata Tree. It drops from Arkous (final boss of the FP) and seems uncommon to rare.

    My first run I got both the deco and the epic mount. Deco prices on GTN currently ranging from 500k-1mill.

    • Sindariel

      So, they aren’t a guaranteed drop? Damn. I need a dozen of them for my Tiki lounge. -.-

      • Sivis

        Sadly yeah, as per the other deco’s from FP’s, RNG 🙁

        • Rex

          Hopefully with 3.0 these tactical FP will have a Hard Mode with a bonus boss.

  • Ark

    Commenting, but you’ve got two of them switched around- Boarding Party is Imperial, Maelstrom Prison is Republic. =)

    • Exiled Messenger

      No, I just checked the editor and they are correct. The Computer Desk (Imperial) drops from Maelstrom Prison and the Computer Desk (Republic) drops from Boarding Party. This is most likely because you are on the opposite faction ship during the FP.

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