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  • Nexktoply

    Just sticker…?
    Booby prize!

  • yellow-power ftw

    i guess we will need to redo all those OPs / FPs so to get those paintings ://///

    • Valmorph

      If it is like the PTS, you don’t have do them again, they are automatically put in your decorations list if you have the achievement.

  • hundnase

    None of the “Kill 500,000,000 droids of strong type on Balmorra”-Achievements gives any decoration? Boo!

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Looks like there is a fix for Class Circular Sign decorations, now. You have to manually release the decoration from your Legacy achievements if your toon had previously finished Chapter 3 of the class story prior to the patch.

    • p4v7

      Thanks for the info. I wonder why they haven’t mentioned it in the patch notes. Bioware’s communication at its best. They forgot to include those decorations, and then forgot to mention they fixed it. >_>

  • Hiroshi Perez

    I don’t see the hardmode ones…

    • Exiled Messenger

      All of the FP/Ops trophies are located in the same post. You need to click on the thumbnail to see information about all of the trophies available for each boss.

      • Hiroshi Perez

        Thank you.

  • Namirr

    Any news on the Voss Sculpture tied to some achivement?

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